Rhododendron Pruning


As you all know, Charbonneau is blessed with the beauty of many rhododendrons throughout our community, and CHOA has our share.  In order to protect the health and growth of these plants, maintenance pruning is necessary and this time of year is the best time to do this.  

Because there are several hundred rhododendrons throughout CHOA, John deAquirre of Garron Grounds and I drove around each CHOA neighborhood in a golf cart and  selected those rhodies that we feel will benefit from maintenance pruning or thinning this year and tagged those plants with orange tags.  There may be other rhodies that would benefit from more vigorous pruning or some that are obstructing windows.  When the pruning crew identifies those instances, they will make an effort to contact the homeowner before pruning.

We anticipate that the pruning will begin early in March and will take about two weeks.  If you do not want the rhodies around your home pruned, please advise Garron Grounds at 503-682-7172.


Karen Siegel

CHOA Landscape Chair

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  1. This is my second post. Rhodys are either blooming or getting ready to bloom. Pruning should happen after blooming. Their bloom usually is in process around Easter each year and lasts for about a month depending on the weather. I know Easter dates fluctuate but garden blooming also fluctuates.
    Linda Patch

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