Charbonneau Country Club Architectural Standard Changes

Good morning HOA Presidents and Architectural Control Personnel,
Attached are the changes in the Charbonneau Country Club (CCC) Architectural Standards voted on by the Architectural Committee at their annual meeting and subsequently approved by the CCC Board of Directors. These are effective June 1, 2022 and will be in the next edition of the Resident Guide, which should be out in June.
Please contact Kathy Harp, the CCC Architectural Committee Chair, if you have any questions.
Thank you all for serving as leaders of your neighborhood HOA and for the time you invest in the betterment of Charbonneau
Gary Newbore

CCC New Architectural Changes Are Effective June 1, 2022
The Country Club Architectural Committee (CCAC) meets annually to discuss and revise the CCC Architectural Control Standards. This committee is comprised of the chairs
from each of the individual HOAs within Charbonneau. This committee then passes on
its recommendations from their Annual Meeting to the CCC Board for approval. This
year’s new standards include the following revisions and/or additions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Homeowners must submit an application to
their local HOA before installing an exterior charging station. Guidelines for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Homeowners Associations can be found in ORS 94.742.

Feeding Wildlife: Feeding of wild animals, for example geese, ducks, squirrels,
birds, and deer in all areas outside your home, including your courtyard, is prohibited.
Homeowners may feed hummingbirds inside their courtyard and in common areas outside of the courtyard with a liquid feeder hung above the ground. Offenders of the above
policy will be subject to local HOA enforcement resolutions.

Fire Safety Wood-burning outdoor fire pits and fire devices must meet stringent
screening standards to control smoke and embers and be specifically permitted by both
the local HOA and CCC Architectural Control Committee. Outdoor unscreened woodfueled fires are prohibited. All fire devices must meet the following safety standards regardless of fuel type: 1. Screens must prevent embers from escaping. 2. Demonstration
of satisfactory ember containment and equipment operation maybe required. 3.
Changes of ownership will require new approval of wood burning devices. 4. Nearby
decks, fences or buildings must be protected by adequate distance and/or non-flammable materials. 5. Complaints will require investigation and possible re-approval of
equipment operation. 6. Adequate fire-extinguishing equipment must be immediately
available. 7. All fires must be constantly attended. 8. Fire residue must remain within the
approved device until completely extinguished. 9. Indoor fireplaces must also have adequate spark- arresting features on chimneys. The latest information on Burn Bans can
be found at the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue website (
Generators Proper installation of generators is critical in order to avoid a fire, damage
to electrical equipment, injury, and death. Poisoning from carbon monoxide due to unventilated exhaust is possible. A CO detector can warn you when carbon monoxide is
present in a dwelling or other occupied space. CO detectors should be installed in the
home and tested monthly. Generators should never be installed indoors or near windows or intake vents outdoors or where water puddles. Keep plenty of space open
around the generator for air flow.

The following guidelines must be followed when
adding a permanent generator to the outside of your home: 1. Homeowners must submit a request to both the local HOA and the Executive Committee of CCAC using forms
available on the CCC webpage. 2. Generators should be installed at least 18” from your
home. If it is not designed like an air conditioning unit to be permanently outdoors, it
should be under an open canopy. It must also have architectural esthetic approval and
be away from public view. 3. Generators must be placed on a surface where water cannot puddle around it. 4. Clackamas County noise ordinances must be followed. 5. Installation of a permanent generator requires an electrical permit which insures an inspec-
tion by Clackamas County. An approved copy of this permit should be kept on file with
the local HOA. Portable generators should closely follow all safety recommendations
from manufacturers.
Mobile Food Units (Food Trucks) Food trucks are subject to the Oregon Food Sanitation Rules and must be licensed through Clackamas County.

Painting: This change will reflect the newly adopted exterior paint color schemes. It
also adds: “Painting of brick and/or stoneware on homes and other structures adjacent
to residential locations must have the approval of the local HOA.” These are the NEW

Roofing: Owners in multi-owner residential structures with attached roofs on homes
or garages must replace roofs with the same roofing as their roofmates. If that specific
roofing is not available, it should match as close as possible, both color and weight.
These Architectural Control Standards will be included in the new CCC Resident’s Directory which will be mailed to all residents in June. This Directory can also be accessed
at the CCC website.

Pool F and G Opening

Pool F and G will open Saturday, May 21. Get out and enjoy some sunshine with some pool time!


As we move further into 2022, the CHOA Board would like your input on how we are doing.  There is a link below that will take you to a very brief (4 Questions) questionnaire.  Please take a few minutes to complete it.  Your input will help us to better serve our community. The link will be open from May 16th through May 30th.  After gathering your input and comments, we will share what we have learned in a post . Thank you.



At the last Presidents annual meeting it was brought up that the Charbonneau RV Lot will be doing an asphalt overlay of the entire RV Lot beginning Monday May 2 requiring all lessee’s to move the RV’s, boat and trailers out of the lot.  Some of your residents may be parking their RV’s/Boat and trailers in the driveways or in front of their homes during this project.

Several lessee’s have reserved a spot to park their rigs at the Village Center Parking Lot.

We are hoping they can return to the RV lot Thursday May 5th if all goes well.

Thank you for being patience and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Rick Schram


Rhododendron Pruning


As you all know, Charbonneau is blessed with the beauty of many rhododendrons throughout our community, and CHOA has our share.  In order to protect the health and growth of these plants, maintenance pruning is necessary and this time of year is the best time to do this.  

Because there are several hundred rhododendrons throughout CHOA, John deAquirre of Garron Grounds and I drove around each CHOA neighborhood in a golf cart and  selected those rhodies that we feel will benefit from maintenance pruning or thinning this year and tagged those plants with orange tags.  There may be other rhodies that would benefit from more vigorous pruning or some that are obstructing windows.  When the pruning crew identifies those instances, they will make an effort to contact the homeowner before pruning.

We anticipate that the pruning will begin early in March and will take about two weeks.  If you do not want the rhodies around your home pruned, please advise Garron Grounds at 503-682-7172.


Karen Siegel

CHOA Landscape Chair

It’s that time of year when all the leaves are falling from the trees into gutters. Gutter cleaning has started and should be completed by January 31st. Please contact Steve Chinn with questions.

Pool Closures

As our beautiful summer weather changes to fall, our pools will be closing.

“A” pool (Boones Bend cul-de-sac), C Pool (Lafayetta) and E pool (Winchester) will close this evening, September 30,2021

“F” &”G” pool (Fairway Drive and Lake Point Court) will be open until Sunday, October 3 Evening

“B” pool & Spa will be open until October 20th

“F” & “G” and “B” pool & spa are both subject to weather permitting!

Thank You.