Pools Open Update

Due to the good weather, Pool F&G will remain open through this weekend -October 2. Pool A and the Hot Tub will remain open beyond this weekend. A decision on a date to close it will be based on usage and weather. It will be reviewed daily. We will send out a post when a closure date is established. Enjoy this amazing weather and the pools. Thank you

Ralph Martin Memorial

Ralph Martin Memorial

Many CHOA residents may have known Ralph Martin when he and his wife, Nona, lived on Fairway, just behind the F&G pool.  For those of you who are fairly new to CHOA, Ralph was the former Landscape Chair for CHOA and, the story goes, was instrumental in planting the palm trees.

Ralph passed away several months ago and CHOA has placed a memorial stone in his memory by the gate at F&G pool. 

Many thanks to Ty, John, and Ernesto of Garron Landscape for donating the site design, materials and labor to create this lasting memory.

Station 54 Invitation

You are invited to an open house for Station 54 (Charbonneau) on Saturday, October 1, to be held between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Brief remarks will be given at 11:30 a.m. All are welcome!


Jacob Fuhrer, Public Affairs Officer

Pool Update

Pools A and F&G will remain open until the end of September. All other pools will close on September 19th. Thank you

New Traffic Flow Pattern I5 North

Within the last 3 days, ODOT changed the traffic flow for cars entering I5 North at route 551 (just South of the Charbonneau exit). If you are driving from Charbonneau and entering I5 North, please be aware that there are cars already in the lane that we used to have to ourselves as we merged onto I5 or went straight to the Wilsonville Road exit. Please be aware we need to yield to those cars already in the lane. Please see below the previous and current entrance to I5 North. Thank you

Crane Fly

“Last spring a decision was made not to treat for crane fly – not anticipating such an aggressive invasion.

In September, when we are sure all the larvae have hatched, Garron  will begin thatching, seeding and fertilizing to restore our lawns.

Thanks for your patience as we work throughout the community. “

Karen Siegel, Landscape Chair


Water containment no longer in effect

The City of Wilsonville was able to replace the broken pump Thursday so there is now no restriction on water usage in Sherwood and Wilsonville. During the days that the two communities limited the demand, daily consumption dropped from an average of 10.4 million gallons per day to 8.4 million gallons per day. Thank you – Great work everyone!

Clarification on our irrigation system

We have received questions about why we are still watering the common areas. Those areas that fall outside of our court yards are not watered by the City of Wilsonville. The irrigation comes from the Willamette River and does not fall under the Wilsonville watering ban. Thank you.

Wilsonville Water usage for Irrigation

The City of Wilsonville has informed us that they have a water pump down and are asking residents not to use city water for irrigation until further notice. The water is fine for drinking, but they are asking that we try to cut down on usage while the pump is out. Please contact Steve Chinn at 503-682-0234 or the City’s webpage at https://www.ci.wilsonville.or.us/ for more information. Thank you.