Architecture/Landscaping Approval

Use this form to apply for permission to change the external features of your home.

Rev Date: Sept 22, 2020.

Rec Hall Reservations

Request for Rec Hall use

This link will take you to the calendar page.  Please use the form on the right side of the page to request rooms.

Tree Removal

Any tree (regardless of location) that is 18.75″ in circumference, at a height of 4.5 feet above ground level, needs a formal evaluation and approval prior to removal.  (City of Wilsonville code)

Updated 4/6/2020  If the tree has a metal tag on the trunk, it is a golf course tree. Forms for golf course trees can be obtained in the Golf Pro Shop.

For all other trees: Please take a picture of the tree you wish to remove.  You can then send the picture electronically to Rick Schram @ along with the form, or print the picture and attached to the form and then turn into the Charbonneau Country Club.

Revised: April 2020

CHOA Paint color selection

Click on Link to open Form

  1. Print form
  2. Meet with attached neighbors and select colors for your attached houses
    • Paint chips at Rec Hall C
    • List of residents with current paint color at Rec Hall C
  3. Sign and submit form

If you need a contractor for any repairs prior to painting please contact Steve Chinn ( for a list of Contractors that have been used in Charbonneau with good results

Lease Notification

Reviewed 9-22-2020

Payment Options

Use this form to apply transfer funds electronically debit with no fees to pay for dues and such fees you authorize.

Revised 7-21-2020 (ACH)

Satellite Dish Request

Revised 8-9-2021