Garron Grounds Schedule for this week

Please note that CHOA got the following message from GARRON GROUNDS this weekend:

“As you know we have extreme temperatures coming next week. To mitigate risk to the crews and to prevent stress to your property, we are modifying the schedule for next week.

We will be working a short day (7am-1pm) and all crews will be back to the shop by 1pm. Because of this, we will not be mowing. Due to the temperatures we are having, the turf is not growing as fast so I don’t feel it will be an issue. It will be good for the turf to have the extra length to protect it from the sun/heat. This will allow us to run the clocks(irrigation) the extra day, which we know is needed. In lieu of mowing, we are adding 3 additional pruning crews to finish up the spring/summer pruning and touch up areas that were pruned early in the cycle that have had a lot of growth over the summer. We will also be postponing the scheduled fertilizing until the following week.

Mother Nature has and continues to challenge us this year! We appreciate your understanding as we try to prevent our crews from heat injuries while still servicing the needs of your property.  

Ty Bruenderman

Garron Grounds Management, Inc.

General Manager

503 476-5902

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  1. Eric Hoem

    Thank you to both Garron and our CHOA Board for letting us know what to expect, especially about watering during this extra hot weather. The plans make a lot of sense to me.

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