Wednesday, July 24, 2024 – Food Drive Drop-off

The following message if from Dave Olson

Cell: 503-367-0684

Lead Person – Charbonneau Food Drive

Volunteers will be collecting donations for the Charbonneau Food Drive, in partnership with our local Wilsonville Community Sharing, on Wednesday, July 24th, (the fourth Wednesday of July) from 8:30 AM to 1 PM in the CCC Activity Center.

The items most in need for the July 24, 2024 drop-off are:

· Hearty soups

· Canned fruits

· Snack items – fruit snacks, protein bars, graham crackers, chips, goldfish, cracker sandwiches w/cheese or peanut butter filling, etc.

Any form of contribution (make checks made payable to “Wilsonville Community Sharing”, cash or gift cards) is greatly appreciated!

Wilsonville Community Sharing sends out a big “thank you” to all of you for making the first six months of 2024 so successful, with 3,311 pounds of food/toiletries and $9,885 being donated to help local families in need!

Thank you for your kind generosity!

CHOA Board Meeting, July 10

DRAFT Agenda

Wednesday July 10, 2024 at 2:30 p.m. – CHOA Monthly Board Meeting at Rec Hall C and zoom


2:30 – Welcome and Call to Order

  • Note for guest: Please remember this is a board meeting, guests are not to interrupt unless asked to speak by the chairman.  If you do have a concern, it is best to put your concern in writing prior to the board meeting so that the board will have time to thoughtfully consider your concern. – Thank You

**Minutes from Last Meeting Approval –ALL 

2:35 Open Forum

Questions from Resident Attendees – 2 minutes maximum per person

2:45 Reports

**Treasurer’s Report and reserve study–Sandie Maki

     Insurance Report:  Claude Campbell and Jay Puppo

     President’s Report

     Property manager report

 3:45 Old Business

  • Committee Updates
    • Pools and Rec Hall– Judy/Steve
    • Landscape- – Karen
    • Welcome- Mary
    • Neighborhood Watch—Shirley
    • Emergency Preparedness—Marilyn
    • Architecture committee—Bob
  • Insurance Report—Claude Campbell and Jay Puppo

4:00 New Business 

  • Home Insurance

4:30  Adjourn

*Executive Session (as needed) –* Need to vote to move to executive meeting

** No need to approve by vote monthly minutes or treasurers report

Neighborhood Watch for CHOA

Starting the week of July 1st, your neighborhood block captain for Neighborhood Watch will be stopping by your home to introduce themselves.  They will be reviewing your contact information, asking for an emergency contact for you and giving you security information.  We appreciate your cooperation to ensure you and your neighborhood are safe.  Neighbors helping neighbors.

Did you know:

Wilsonville has an ordinance that requires any solicitor to have a bonafide City of Wilsonville permit.  In order to get that permit Wilsonville does a background check.  If someone comes to your door soliciting, ask to see their permit.  If they do not have one, tell them it is unlawful to solicit in Wilsonville and you will report them.  If security finds them, they will notify the police.

Seeking Volunteers

Did you know that CHOA has a volunteer group who are able to assist you in the event of a disaster or serious emergency event? They are referred to as Neighborhood Captains and are a part of the Emergency Preparedness/Public Safety Committee in Charbonneau. These residents take part in the Great Shake Out every year in the fall. They contact residents and ask them to place the OK/Help signs so we can assure that residents are safe or may need some kind of assistance.

CHOA also has begun participating in the Neighborhood Watch Program. This program is a national group that helps prevent crime by encouraging people to get to know their neighbors and become more invested in what happens in your neighborhood.

We are seeking more volunteers for these programs. Currently there are neighborhoods that have no Neighborhood Captains or Neighborhood Watch volunteers.

Our goal is to have every neighborhood in CHOA to be represented.

If you would like more information, we would be happy to meet with you. Neither of these groups require a sizable time commitment. For Neighborhood Captains it would require participation in the Shake Out once per year, by

dropping off information before the Shake Out and asking residents to place their OK/HELP signs. Neighborhood Watch would require getting to know your immediate neighbors and finding the best way to communicate with them in the event of a crime or concern.

Please consider joining us. We all want our community to be safe and prepared.

Marilyn Ellwood, Key Captain CHOA

Shirley Hoem, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Home Insurance Payment Reminder

In April CHOA members received notice of their home insurance premium with the message below included. We are sending it again as a reminder.

This month you may send one check for your regular homeowner’s dues plus your insurance premium if you’d like, or

you may send Renee a separate check for insurance alone. Make your check payable to Charbonneau HOA.

You are also welcome to place your payment into our Drop Box on Boones Bend by Red Tee Box #6.

IF you pay your monthly HOA Dues via our ACH system, your insurance payment will ALSO be deducted from your bank

account along with your June HOA Dues on or about the 10th of June.”

Touch-up Painting

Sometimes between house paintings it is necessary to do some minor touch-up work, especially on wooden fences.  If you need to do such work, you can get a price break at the Sherwin Williams store near Safeway in Wilsonville.  Tell them you live in Charbonneau and that you get the Verhaalen price for paint.  For information about the specific paint you need, contact Steve Chinn at 503-266-5351.  

CHOA Irrigation

The following message is from Ty Bruenderman, manager of Garron Grounds Landscaping. Thank you, Ty, for keeping us informed.

June 1st was our target date for irrigation to be up and running, but Mother Nature has teased us with some warmer than average temperatures causing some residents to be anxious about watering.   

We have had a couple of unexpected repairs due to freeze damage from last winter’s record low temperatures. We have two neighborhoods (G and B)  left to start up and will have everything up and running next week.

CHOA Board Meeting May 15

All CHOA members are welcome to attend the next board meeting.

Wednesday May 15, 2024 at 2:30 p.m. – CHOA Monthly Board Meeting at Rec Hall C and zoom


CHOA Annual Meeting Reminder

Join us for the CHOA Annual Meeting at 6:30 pm on Monday, April 22, 2024, in the Activity Center, Lewis and Clark room. CHOA members can anticipate an informational report on association activities from the past year and will have the opportunity to engage with board members and the property manager during a Q&A session.  A representative from State Farm Insurance will also be available to answer questions.  There will be refreshments and many door prizes will be awarded!