Neighborhood Watch for CHOA

Starting the week of July 1st, your neighborhood block captain for Neighborhood Watch will be stopping by your home to introduce themselves.  They will be reviewing your contact information, asking for an emergency contact for you and giving you security information.  We appreciate your cooperation to ensure you and your neighborhood are safe.  Neighbors helping neighbors.

Did you know:

Wilsonville has an ordinance that requires any solicitor to have a bonafide City of Wilsonville permit.  In order to get that permit Wilsonville does a background check.  If someone comes to your door soliciting, ask to see their permit.  If they do not have one, tell them it is unlawful to solicit in Wilsonville and you will report them.  If security finds them, they will notify the police.

Please call Steve Chinn at 503-312-0927 or 503-266-5351 with any questions.