Water Pipes Bursting?

The last four days we have had sustained cold snap with temperatures in the teens and low twenties.  We have had a number of reports of frozen pipes bursting in courtyards and garages.  Please check your pipes and if possible check your neighbor’s pipes, especially those away from Charbonneau.

If you find a burst pipe and running water, you can turn off the water at the street and then deal with the problem. Also, if you know where the water shut off is in your house, garage, or crawl space under the house, then you can turn off the water with the valve on the meter at the street, and then deal with the problem.

Please email or call Randy Hitz with any questions.

One Response to “Water Pipes Bursting?”

  1. Janet Moorr

    I had not seen this when published so this is after the fact.
    You are telling senior homeowners to perform a difficult and possibly dangerous maneuver to turn water off at street. I stopped that years ago.
    Recommending residences turn off water in crawl space of house is equally difficult.
    I also had my inside turn off valve moved above crawl space into closet. It made an impossible task manageable.
    When we held homeowner meetings for disaster preparedness, a significant number of residents had no idea where the water turn off was.
    I feel the HOA should assist homeowners and recommend changes to eliminate a crisis.
    Unfortunately, it’s not cheap to move valves, but not nearly as costly as burst water pipes!

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