Update on Shrub Pruning this Fall

In previous years, Garron Grounds was instructed to provide renovation pruning to shrubs (primarily those on golf course side) in front of your windows, to the level of the bottom of the window if the shrubs blocked views.  This did not and does not apply to shrubs inside the homeowners’ courtyards.  And this is different from the maintenance pruning done throughout the year.

However, as Garron Grounds was doing a survey this year, many of the homeowners indicated they didn’t want the shrubs pruned that severely.  And it seems that if some are pruned that low, it could leave an unsightly plant.

Your CHOA Board approved a change in our procedure beginning this year.  We will no longer routinely provide this renovation pruning unless requested by the homeowners. 

Please text (503-970-0735) or email Karen Siegel (ksiegel44@gmail.com) or text  (503-312-0927)   or  email Steve Chinn (Schinno@gmail.com) with your name, address, and phone number if you have shrubs that you would like to have pruned to provide better outside views.  We will be compiling a list to provide to Garron’s, who will begin the service the end of September/beginning of October.

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  1. Lynda Taylor

    Hi. I would like the rhododendron pruned down to my kitchen window level. That’s the only one I want pruned. It’s on Sacajawea close to my fence outside of my courtyard. It’s almost up to the eve of my house. If there’s any questions please let me know. Thank you.

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