Storm Cleanup

Thankfully the winter storm is over and the power is now back on in Charbonneau.  As most of you are aware, CHOA and all of Charbonneau has suffered major damage to its trees.  Now the clean up begins.  CHOA has been working on cleanup since Saturday morning.  The folks at Garron’s have done a great job getting areas cleaned up in short time.  The first priority was to get all of the streets cleared which has been completed.  Second priority is sidewalks and other walkways which are mostly done.

We should be finished with the initial clean-up by Wednesday, then all we will have left is the tree’s that need to be cut down.  We have a bucket truck and crew coming in this weekend to remove all the snags (loose branches which could fall and hurt someone) on the street side and take down the trees that are on the front side of houses.  So be careful driving!

Thanks for your patience as we continue the process of getting CHOA back to normal.

If you have any questions, please connect with Steve Chinn – 503-312-0947 or

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