CHOA Annual Meeting Summary

As you know, due to the COVID virus, the CHOA Annual Meeting was replaced this year with a Vote by Mail of the members.  The votes were turned in by April 22nd  and counted shortly thereafter.  The Board then held a follow-up meeting on Monday, April 25th (which is normally held right after the Annual Meeting) to Accept the members votes and plan Board assignments for the next year.

Here are the actions/summary of that meeting:

  1. Review and Accept Vote on the Minutes for last year’s Annual Meeting- Approved
  2. Review and Accept Vote of Resolution for IRS- Accepted
  3. Review and Accept Vote for Renewing Board members- Karen Seigel, Sandie Maki and Randy Hitz –Approved
  4. Annually, the Board makes assignments for Leadership and Committees.  At this session, it was agreed to the following assignments:
  5. Barry Hendrix- Chair
  6. Randy Hitz- Vice Chair and Secretary
  7. Janet McGarrigle- Welcoming
  8. Sandie Maki- Finance
  9. Karen Siegel- Landscaping
  10. Packard Phillips and Ken Gregson- Pools and Rec Hall C
  11. Robin Shultz- Communications
  12. Bob Bush- Architecture

The Board looks forward to working with all neighbors to continue to make Charbonneau and CHOA a great place to live!

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