Charbonneau Pink Ball

To: Charbonneau friends

As you know, once again, Charbonneau Niners are sponsoring the Pink Ball golf tournament to support Cancer Research at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute on Tuesday, September 12th. 

18 years ago, Charbonneau Women’s Niners Golf decided to make a difference in the fight against cancer with the Pink Ball Golf Tournament.  To this day they have raised nearly $800,000 for the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU and prior to 2014, to Susan G Komen and the American Cancer Society.

OHSU Knight foundation has made huge strides in early cancer detection.  Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research (CEDAR) researchers have devised an accurate and novel way to test blood to see if a pre-cancerous condition is escalating to outright cancer—potentially enabling treatment early in tumor development when cancer is more likely to be curable.  They are evaluating a multi-cancer early detection test that can detect 50 types of cancer through a simple blood draw and have expanded their studies across Oregon with other health institutions.  As well, they have more ongoing research into other cancers including research into pancreatic cancer.

This year OHSU will debut their new Information Van traveling the country – talk with the experts and pick up valuable information.

So, how can you help? We are hoping you will join us in this worthwhile cause by participating as a sponsor at one of our four levels and/or making a donation.  All donations will be acknowledged by OHSU for Tax purposes. For questions on Sponsorship Levels contact Brenda Gardiner at 503-539-8280.   

For all donations, please make your check payable to OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and place it in the Niner’s box in the pro-shop, or mail it to:  Brenda Gardiner, 7675 SW Fairway Drive, Wilsonville, OR  97070.

EXCITING NEWS! This year, the Pink Ball Committee is opening up the Silent Auction for the Charbonneau community on Monday, September 11th from 4-7 p.m. in the Clubhouse.  For non-golfers and those not able to play, this is an opportunity to view and bid on 80 baskets!  You can place a bid and return on Tuesday to see how you did and/or increase you bid.  Join us back in the clubhouse on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.

Questions?  Call Mary Fieweger 503-519-4388 or email 

Thank you. 

Please call Steve Chinn at 503-312-0927 or 503-266-5351 with any questions.

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