CHOA Ballot Results

Thanks to our Neighbors for taking the time from your busy schedules to participate in the voting for the two Ballot measures as proposed by your Board.   Over 90% of residences voted.

Final results as noted:

Paint Trust Amendment– 208 total votes- 193 Yes Votes, 15 No Votes Amendment Passes

Alarm Monitoring Amendment– 208 total votes- 180 Yes Votes, 28 No Votes Amendment Passes

20 residences did not Vote

Please note that the Board will provide further details on the implementation of both of these Amendments within the next 30 days.

Thanks again for the great turnout and your support of your Board on these important issues.

5 Responses to “CHOA Ballot Results”

    • Barry Hendrix

      Good question. We pay ~$14400 per year to Wilsonville Lock & Security per year. This is ~$5 per month per household. As you know, we had lots of ice and heat weather damage to our trees and plants throughout CHOA this year and have spent an extra ~$65K to try to get our community safe and back to pre-weather related conditions. We have a Reserve and used some funds from there but have the Fiduciary responsibility to manage the Reserve for the long term interests of CHOA. This means we need to add some of these out of ordinary expenses back into our Reserve for future needs.

  1. Don Patch

    I’m not sure of the details of the paint amendment, but my concern is that some homeowners will be subsidizing others. Obviously it costs more to paint some houses than others. I hope the board takes this into consideration. Don Patch

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