CCC Update on the Winter Storm from Sunday

Please see update below from CCC:

“I hope you all are safe. It is uplifting to hear about all the Charbonneau residents that are helping one another during this electricity outage. A big thank you to the City for all their help clearing the road and staying in close contact with Charbonneau. Councilors Linville and Lehan have been very helpful advocating for Charbonneau. Sandy Batte with our Emergency Preparedness committee and Greg Leo along with his CERT teams have been working through the neighborhoods to check in on our vulnerable residents.

Here is what we at this point:

1.  The Charbonneau Emergency Response Captains, neighbors and CERT volunteers were out doing welfare checks on Charbonneau residents that might need emergency care for heat, medications, food, etc.  Residents should contact their neighborhood Captain if they need help.

2. Spring Ridge apartment folks appear to be doing well but the management is assessing possible evacuation of memory care and hospice care residents to Newberg.  The City will assist with bus transportation if needed.  Spring Ridge is also almost out of diesel fuel so the City is delivering 100 gallons to them.

3.  The latest from PGE is that returning power is a moving target.  Even areas that had power restored are going back out due to falling trees, branches and ice.  They are bringing in crews from outside the area to assist.  The words on return of power to Charbonneau is anywhere from 6pm tonight to Wednesday.

4.  The City is looking into purchasing emergency supplies including cell phone charging packs but that is not certain yet.

5.  The roads and especially the paths on the golf course remain very dangerous due to falling branches, trees and ice.  Residents are encouraged to remain indoors and save walks for better days.

Thank you and be safe,

Jim Meierotto
General Manager
Charbonneau Country Club”