3 Remaining Pools to Open

This Saturday May 25th Pool B at Sacajawea, Pool E at Winchester and Pool F/G off of

Fairway will open. Pool code is still 23456. Pools A, B and E you only need to punch

in the code. If the code does not work press the “C” button several times to clear and then re-enter the code.

Pools C and F/G you enter code 23456 and press the check-mark.

REMINDER: You will need the pool key to unlock bathrooms at this time. Bathrooms are only halfway finished. We still need to add the new lights, mirrors, wall hooks, baseboard heaters and the Occupied door knobs.

We felt it was more important to get the pools ready first. Thank you for your patience.

!!Pool Lock-box Reminder!!

The code for the Pool Gates is 23456. If the code at Pool “A”

on Boones Bend doesn’t work for you press the “C” a couple of times.

Then try the code again. At “C” pool on Lafayette you have to push

the check mark after you enter the code.

Pool “A” is Opened

“A” Pool on 32233 SW Boones Bend Rd is now open

The temporary code is still 23456

The Lockbox at pool “C” on Lafayette requires you to push the check mark after you punch in the code

Pool “A” only needs the code

Pool keys are still needed for the restrooms in case they are locked. Soon Restroom doors will be replaced with new Occupied Doorknobs.

Thank you for your patience on our 2 year renovating project of our Pool Decks, Pool Fences and Pool Bathrooms.

Pools Opening!

We are opening pool C this Thursday – 8298 SW Lafayette Way

We hope to open another pool on Friday or Saturday. We will send out another post.

We are in the middle of spiffing up the Restrooms so please bear with us

until they are completed.

New fences have been added to Pools A, B and E.  These will require a code

To enter.  Temporarily the code is 23456.

For Pools C and F/G continue to use your pool key until they are set up with a

Lockbox. Enjoy the Sunshine!