Minutes of the CHOA October 2022 Board Meeting

Minutes of the CHOA October 2022 Board Meeting

 Wednesday October 12th at 10:00 AM CHOA Monthly Board Meeting

Called to order at 10:02  by Randy Hitz, subbing in for Barry who was on vacation.   Meeting was a zoom meeting with no in-person meeting

Attendees: Randy Hitz, Ken Gregson, Janet McGarrigle, Sandie Maki, Bob Bush.   This constituted a quorum of board members.

Also attending Steve Chinn, Mike Chinn.

Minutes of the September meeting were informally approved as last submitted.  (Formal approval not needed.)

Treasurer’s report:

Working on the Budget for 2023.

For 2022, Income is $1930.00 YTD above budget, Expenses are below budget by $54,897.00 YTD.

Some increases in costs for utilities are expected and were provided by Steve Chinn.

Ann Higgins reported that she will be retiring from CHOA duties at the end of March 2023.  Ann will be working with her hand-picked replacement – Renee Warren starting Jan 1, and, if approved by all parties, will start April 1.  Ann has committed to be available for question through the end of 2023, to allow a smooth transition.

Board action will be needed to confirm the acceptance of this plan.

Open Forum – no outside attendees beyond board members and Steve and Mike Chinn.  No items brought forward.

Old Business:

Food truck for October:  Bob reported contact with Food Truck coordinator, but no trucks available for the time slot we requested.  Will try again next year.  Looking to review menu options to add some diversity.

Committee Updates:

Pools:  Last Pool closing to be October 21.  With the good weather, there has been activity at the remaining open pools.  Ken is reviewing for possible later dates.

Rec Hall C:  Steve reports old ducting to be removed shortly and then paint as needed.  Window behind cabinets will be removed and project completed before year end.  Steve has informal quote for under $2000.  This brought forward a discussion on discretionary amounts to spend on projects.  Consensus is that $2500 amount is allowed and the board will continue to follow this precedent.  For higher amounts, a more formal process is used with quotes and discussion at the board level.

Action item:  Restate the Project approval process since it appears we are using the same process and dollar amounts since 2001.  (Randy, Barry)

Landscape:  Karen was unavailable but provided a report.  Highlights of the report are below.

Will be working on budget next week.

–   Summer growth pruning will be started in a few weeks

–  the turf repair from crane fly is about 90% complete. Some areas are still brown but Ty thinks it is a water issue.  They will keep an eye on those areas.  We definitely will treat for crane fly next year.

– Fall flowers have been ordered but we wait until the impatiens are completely bloomed out to plant. I ordered fewer anticipating some return on the tulips.

– Ty is trying to set up a presentation from Hunter on the Smart Controllers. Not sure of timing on this

– In looking long term, we are determining if we need to upgrade valves. Ty’s biggest concern is the self flushing filter. We have 9 that are about 25 years old.  Delivery time is about 3 months out. If one goes out we could have 12-15 zones out. Since this would primarily be a reserve budget item, Ty is looking into purchase of one as a backup. I’ve talked with Sandi about this.  More on this later.


Janet reported meeting with 5 new CHOA residents.  Biggest questions relate to Landscaping and security. A time consuming process, where discussions can range from 1-2.5 hours.   Board discussion on creating a FAQ sheet regarding Landscaping.  Action Item: create a draft Landscaping FAQ sheet for newcomers (welcoming) and a recommendation to the board.  Janet – and Karen was drafted in.

New Business:

Recruiting new board members.

Randy reported making contact with 3 potential board members.  We will have two open slots due to term limits.  Ken is considering not remaining for full allowed time.  (This would be a third slot.)  Will provide an update to the board by year end.

There was a discussion to use more committee members to help out committee heads and allow non-board members to provide greater input.

Ann Higgins replacement:  See Treasurers report above.  Moving forward as planned.

Discussion of what to do with Board meeting recordings.  Action item: Randy to discuss with Barry and report back.

Discussion of keeping a Jacuzzi open all year.  Not being done this year.  Action item: Steve to estimate costs


Meeting adjourned at 10:59 am

Submitted by Bob Bush