January 13, 2021

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes, January
13, 2021
Board Members present:
Barry Hendrix, Packard Phillips, Karen Siegel, Robin Shultz, Sandie Maki, Ken Gregson, Janet
McGarrigle, and Randy Hitz
Also Present: Steve Chinn, Property Manager
Absent: none
Guests: Shirley Hoem
Call to order 10:00 AM
Minutes from the December meeting were accepted.
Treasurer’s Report The Board approved the transfer of $10,000 from the year end 2020
Annual Budget to the reserves.
No comments or questions.
Alarm systems across CHOA- review options
Wilsonville Lock is updating software for all users. Barry will talk with them about updating our
list of users based on those that Wilsonville Lock contacts for updates. We are paying 1⁄2 of the
usual fee to Wilsonville Lock in January and February. Further negotiations will follow.
Website support
We received a second proposal for support from Nyssa Walsh. She does the website work
herself and Barry and Robin thought she would be the best person to do this for us. Robin will
seek references from her and the board will make a final decision
Parkard moved that the board hire Nissa Walsh for website support pending receipt and review
of references. Seconded by Ken. Passed unanimously.
Posting the minutes
Steve expressed concern about posting draft minutes to the website. The board decided to not
post the draft minutes on the website.
Potential New Board Members
The board discussed a few names. Two good potential board members will be approached this
month and, hopefully, one will be willing and able to serve.
Villager articles
Food Cart in CHOA
The second food cart was a success. The board decided to continue to invite carts the second
Saturday of each month. We will invite all Charbonneau residents in February.
Committee Updates
The spa at pool A was refurbished.
A question arose regarding when to open the pools. The pools committee will develop a
questionnaire to get information from residents about their use of the pools and their possible
desire to have the pools open for longer periods of time.
Will start winter pruning this week.
We had 24 changes in home ownership last year. New residents have a lot of questions and
Janet continues to try to meet with them. She will also put information about CHOA into the
introductory information Ann sends to new residents.
Feedback from new CHOA residents
One new resident asked about having a barbeque at Rec Hall C. Janet wondered if we should
do that. Barry asked the pool committee to develop a proposal for the board to consider.
Emergency Preparedness

The board will try to find a board member who can also serve as the lead for emergency
Executive Session
At 11:28 the board moved into executive session.
Legal matters
The board agreed that Barry, Steve, and Sandie should talk with an attorney about some legal
issues and report back next month.
Adjournment at 11:45 AM