February 10, 2021

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes,
February 10, 2021
Board Members Present:
Randy Hitz, Karen Siegel, Robin Shultz, Sandie Maki, Ken Gregson, & Janet
Barry Hendrix, Packard Phillips
Also Present:
Steve Chinn, Property Manager

Call to order at 10:00 AM
Minutes from January meeting were accepted.
Treasurer’s Report was accepted.
No comments or questions.
Alarm Systems in CHOA – Ken, Sandie and Barry will continue meeting. Barry has
negotiated a further substantial reduction in our monthly fee to Wilsonville
Security. Ken will continue to verify subscribers. Janet will report new residents
to Ken to supply him with current information. A discussion followed regarding
CHOA monthly payments to Wilsonville Security.
Website Support – We have continued to have various issues with our CHOA
website. On 1/20/2021 we signed a contract with a new web site designer for
creating a new domain. Her goal is to present a plan to the Board by 2/23/2021
for our review. If anyone has suggestions for changes to be incorporated into the
new web design, please let Robin know.
Potential New Board Members – To date we have been unable to fill our Board
vacancy. A name was suggested and either Barry or Steve will contact that
person. Board members are encouraged to talk to CHOA residents about this.
Villager Articles – No ideas were presented.

Food Carts in CHOA – The “Retroeats” Food Cart was canceled on February 13
due to the ice storm. It has been rescheduled for February 27 from noon to 3pm
in the same location – on Boones Bend by Red 6 Tee Box. Sandie will modify the
flyers she designed previously, and various Board members will tape them to the
sides of mailboxes in CHOA neighborhoods.
Emergency Preparedness – Eric Hoem has retired as chair of this committee.
Mike Pool has volunteered to replace Eric. Mike already has been involved on this
Charbonneau committee and has been regularly checking all of our emergency
equipment stored in CHOA Rec Hall C. It was moved and seconded by the Board
to have Mike replace Eric for this position. Steve and Janet will work with Mike
on updating the neighborhood resident lists.
Pools – Nothing new to report by Ken.
Rec Hall C – A CHOA resident requested to resume her Yoga class of 6 in Rec Hall
C. By mandate of our Governor, we are not allowing classes to be taught in that
room at this time. Also, we cannot afford the expense of having the entire area
thoroughly disinfected after each use to protect our liability.
Landscape – Karen reports that some fertilizing and moss control spraying is being
done at this time. Some improvements to F & G pool patio areas are in the
planning. Hanging baskets for all pool areas will be ordered early in March.
Welcome – Janet reported that she had invited more new residents to meet in
her home. She has two high powered air purifiers to make meeting safer. She
recently sent invites out to the 9 of 24 residents that she had not met with in
2020. She successfully met with 3 & had responses from 3 others. One is not
moving here until later in February and another is wintering south until middle of
March. Janet is anxious to see the result of her new letter that Ann will be
including with information to new homeowners in 2021.
Several years ago, all outside lightbulbs (on your garage and on the golf course
side of your home) were replaced with LED bulbs. If your bulb is no longer
working, it may be the sensor. Before throwing away that LED bulb call Steve
Chinn and see if it is the sensor. That will be replaced by our HOA – also if it is
your bulb and you are not able to replace it yourself the HOA will take care of
Gutter cleaning will be complete by March 1st