CHOA Minutes July 14, 2021

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for

July 14, 2021


Board Members Present:

Barry Hendrix, Randy Hitz, Sandie Maki, Packard Phillips Robin Shultz, Ken Gregson, Paul Sundstom, Karen Siegel, and Janet McGarrigle



Also Present:

Steve Chinn, Property Manager



Alicia Tomasi, Laura Noffki, Sally Brallier , Jean Davis, Judy Morales, Cliff Voliva, Donna Hergert and Mick Hergert.


Call to order at 10:00 AM



June meeting minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report 

All of the costs related to the storm have been covered.   Our costs were $68,313.23 and we will cover this through reserves.



Alicia Tomasi described a problem she had with putting her CHOA and CCC checks in the CHOA box.  The board clarified that CCC checks should go into the CCC box at the clubhouse.

Cliff Voliva said he has had a water problem on his street, Fairway Drive, for years.  Steve was aware of the problem.  Water from sump pumps causes most of the problem.  Other homes have ponds that overflow.  In the winter the problem can be caused by over watering.  He said this problem has been ongoing for around 15 years.  Repaving the street may solve the problem as it can improve drainage.  Steve will follow up with a call to the City to get their view of the matter.

Mick Hergert asked if there are diagrams showing where the pipes below the street and under homeowner property.  Steve said the City has diagrams for the streets but there are no drawings for personal or CHOA property.  There are companies that can find where pipes exist and where there may be plugs.

Jean Davis asked about maintenance of the landscaping.  Steve clarified that CHOA does not take care of everything.  Details are in the information directory.

Sally Brallier, helps to manage the Rec Hall and she wanted to know how to manage reservations.  She needs to be given access to the new website.


Emergency Preparedness

Nothing new to report.

Alarm Systems in CHOA –

We have around 90 people using the Wilsonville Lock and will pay only for that level of service.  Ken and Barry have done a good job researching this issue and negotiating with Wilsonville Lock.

Website Support –

We switched over to the new website in July.  The web manager has been very responsive.  This website should be more secure.

Villager Articles –

Karen did an article about our renovation at the restroom on red five.  That will come out in August.

Changes to the CCRs

We will follow up on our May motion in August.

Investment Policy/Financial Advisor

The board is still working on developing a policy related to investing funds.  At this point, the rates are so low we will just put any money over $250,000 aside in different accounts to keep them insured through FDIC.



Pools –.

Ken wrote an update on the pools.  See below under pool bathrooms.

There are no longer restrictions on pool use.

Rec Hall C

Board agreed to open the Hall for homeowners immediately with the same rules as before the Covid pandemic.  At this time there are no non-homeowners asking to use the space.  The form for people to use the Rec Hall will be placed on the website.

Landscape –

Donna Hergert expressed concern about branches that may fall on people.  She was referring to trees in the back of her home, most of which belong to the golf course.  Steve mentioned that the arborist has evaluated our CHOA trees and determined there are no immediate problems.

Welcome –

Janet has met with four new homeowners and four more have recently moved in.  She thinks it may be easier to meet now that she can do so outside.  Some people are still worried about Covid.



Heat wave impact

One person died from the heat.  Barry suggested that we make the Rec Hall available in the future if a heat wave occurs.  He will come to the next board meeting with a proposed policy.


Pool Bathrooms

Janet expressed concern about the condition of one of the bathrooms.  Ken went through all of the bathrooms yesterday.  He thought the restrooms at pools A and B most need attention.  Steve said his folks wipe up the bathrooms everyday and do a more thorough cleaning once a week.  The lights need to be replaced and the floors also need a lot of attention.  The fans have been out for years.  Here is the list of issues Ken found:

-lighting=needs bulb
-Fan operates
-No outside thermometer

-Lighting=men&women need bulbs
-Men’s Fan operates
-Women’s Fan operates
-Has outside thermometer
-Closet full of junk

-Lighting=men’s/women’s/hall needs bulbs
-Men’s & Women’s fans inoperable
-Closer full of junk
-Has outside thermometer

-Lighting=women’s need bulbs
-Men’s fan inoperable
-Women’s fan operates
-No outside thermometer
-Clock inoperable-(new batteries do not help)
-Hot tub cover missing (was in pieces)

-Lighting=men&women need bulbs
-Men’s & Women’s fans inoperable
-No outside thermometer
-Hot tub cover ripped in pieces

Steve said he would get back to the board with his follow up of these issues.

He will send a copy of the contract we have with his company for pool upkeep.  He needs to prepare a plan for addressing the concerns including estimates for maintenance outside the contract such as floor and fan replacements.


Three or four of the T-cells (the machines that turn salt into chlorine) are not working.  The price for each is over $800.  Steve will follow through and make replacements as needed.

Contractors Parking

At our direction, contractors are now parking around different lots so they do not dominate any single lot.  Some residents are complaining about having equipment in parking spaces near them.  Steve will see if there is any space in the RV lot and the CCC maintenance lot.

Pack asked what it would cost to have the contractors take the equipment away each day and Steve will follow up with that.