Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2021

Board Members Present:

Barry Hendrix, Sandie Maki, Packard Phillips, Ken Gregson, Randy Hitz, Robin Shultz, Karen Siegel, and Janet McGarrigle


Paul Sundstrom,

Also Present:

Steve Chinn, Property Manager


Mike Tewell, Jan Landis, and Barbara Henderson

Call to order at 6:00 PM



August meeting minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report 

Sandie will be soon requesting proposed budgets from each board member. The two major budgets are landscaping and pools.

Open Forum

No questions or comments from guests


Emergency and Severe Weather Preparedness

Mike is preparing for the “Great Shakeout” and will advise Barry about how to announce it.  All captains will have radios.

Alarm Systems in CHOA –

Barry is still working with Wilsonville Lock and Security to decide exactly how many people are using the service.  We are currently paying for 100 people but we think we should only pay for between 80 and 90 households.

Contractors parking their equipment

The contractor does not have enough trailers or personnel to move the equipment back and forth each week and if he must do so, it will cost him/us a lot more money.  The contractor rotates where he locates the equipment each week so no neighborhood needs to see it very often.

Changes needed to CCRs

The CC&R Subcommittee consisting of Randy, Barry and Steve presented the following motion to approve the listed recommendations.


Recommendations for the CHOA Board regarding changes to the CC&Rs

  1. Vote separately on the two issues: paint trust and security system.
  2. President will send a letter and ballot to all CHOA residents presenting the issues and the recommended amendments. This will be done immediately following the September board meeting.
  3. Two zoom meetings will be held between September 10 and October 8 to give residents an opportunity to discuss the amendments.
  4. Between September 10 and October 8 all board members will contact via phone a list of residents assigned to them. The purpose of the calls will be to urge them to vote and to answer any questions they might have.
  5. Voting will end on October 11.

The motion passed 7 to 1.

Committee Updates

Pools/Bathrooms- Packard and Ken

The board agreed to keep all pools open through September. The pool committee will have the authority to close pools earlier if the weather gets cold and/or rainy.

Rec Hall C- Packard

Nothing new to report.  The Hall is not open due to Covid.

Landscape- – Karen

Karen moved that we Not cut shrubs to window level unless homeowners request it.  She suggested that a notice be put on the website.  Seconded by Packard.  The motion passed unanimously.

Welcome- Janet

Janet has only been able to meet with two new homeowners.  People seem to be reluctant to meet due to Covid.  Janet continues to try to inform people of policies before they close on their homes.

New Business

No new business


Adjournment:  7:38 PM