Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes  for October 13, 2021

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for October 13, 2021

Board Members Present:

Barry Hendrix, Sandie Maki, Packard Phillips, Ken Gregson, Randy Hitz, Robin Shultz, Karen Siegel, and Janet McGarrigle


Paul Sundstrom

Also Present:

Steve Chinn, Property Manager; and Mike Chinn, a partner in Steve’s business,


Mike Tewell, Sally Brallier

Call to order at 10:00 AM



September meeting minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report 

Due date for committee budgets is October 22.

Ken requested that we budget to open some pools the first of May. Steve will come back to the board with cost estimates for this and the board will decide at a future meeting.

CHOA financial statement 9-2021

Open Forum

Sally’s questions are addressed below under the Rec Hall report.


Emergency and Severe Weather Preparedness

Fliers will go out on Sunday and Monday regarding the “Great Shakeout” on October 21.  Robin will also post information about the event.

Villager Articles

Barry has a CHOA article topic for the next month and he asked board members for ideas for the future.

Changes needed to CCRs

Approximately 125 households have voted.  Barry will post a reminder to urge people to vote if they have not yet done so.  Board members will be asked to contact residents who have not voted.  Barry will coordinate the effort.

Investment Policy/Financial Advisor- Sandie

Nothing new to report.

Committee Updates

Pools/Bathrooms- Packard and Ken

Ken reported that we had a great season with good use of the pools.

Rec Hall C- Packard

Sally recommended and the board approved the following policy for reopening the Rec Hall.

  1. Ask that all users confirm that all their guests will be fully vaccinated or test negative prior to attending any event in the building.


  1. Ask that all users clean all surfaces with cleaning supplies provided after use, including the bathroom.


  1. While completing final clean open doors and ventilate the space for the duration of the clean for a complete air exchange.


  1. Keep a 24 hour period open on the calendar between reservations.

The board approved this policy.


The board also discussed having future board meetings in the Rec Hall.  They want to meet in the Rec Hall as soon as it is safe, hopefully in January.

The board discussed the possibility of providing internet service in the Rec Hall in part to allow the board to conduct a meeting simultaneously in person and via zoom. Other benefits of providing internet service were also discussed.  Steve will look into the cost and the board will decide in November whether or not to add internet service in the Rec Hall.


Karen reported that our landscape people just finished the space on French Prairie near Lafayette and it looks great.

Karen said that the putting green is very rarely used and she wondered if we should continue to try to maintain it.  The annual budget for doing so is $4000.  Karen will explore having the golf course take over maintenance and use of the putting green.


Janet tries up to three times to get together with new residents. The board agreed that this is a reasonable policy.  Packard suggested that she keep a log of her meetings and her attempts to meet.

Janet will give us a list of people who she has not been able to meet with.  We will see if any board members know them and can reach out to them.

New Business


One resident put up large planters in her driveway which board members think do not meet CHOA standards.  Steve told them to cease any further development. Packard moved and Ken seconded that the residents be told to cease development of the planters and remove them.  The motion passed unanimously.

If the resident wishes to appeal this to the board she may.  If the board upholds their decision to require stopping development, the resident may then appeal to the CCC architecture committee.  


Executive Session

At 11:11 the board went into executive session

Board returned from executive session at 11:31.


Adjournment:  11:32 AM