Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for May 2022

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for

May 2022


Call to order at 10:00 AM

Board Members Present:

Sandie Maki, Packard Phillips, Ken Gregson, Randy Hitz, Bob Bush, Barry Hendrix, Robin Shultz,

Absent: Janet McGarrigle, Karen Siegel

Also Present:

Steve Chinn and Mike Chinn, Property Managers

Guests: Laura Noffke and Alicia Tomasi


The April 2022 meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report 

Nothing new to report

Open Forum

No questions from the visitors.

Old Business

CCC HOA Leaders Meeting

Barry expects to learn more about Neighborhood Watch and insurance. He may also share some of our thinking about a “green” goal.

Board Goals for 2022

Bob presented the follow recommendation for board discussion.


The CHOA board will take the leadership position in providing CHOA households with green or greener solutions.  Specifically, the CHOA board will work on the following items over the next 2-3 years.   to the following:

  1. Water Usage:  CHOA will actively manage review our water usage for landscaping and invest in new technology to reduce our water usage through better technology, management, and maintenance of our irrigation system for the grounds.  This management may include changes to the irrigation system, changes in new plantings to plants requiring less water, while maintaining the beauty of the grounds.
  2. Power Consumption:  CHOA will provide support homeowners with information regarding subsidies when replacing their furnaces/Air conditioners.  The board will develop a goal in line with State and Utility green goals on using renewable (electricity from Wind/Solar/Hydro) energy.
  3. CHOA will stay current on alternatives to gas powers lawn mowers and blowers and other equipment with noise and environment pollution used by our landscaping contractors.  CHOA will stay in the forefront on this, by working with landscapers on how to move as quickly as possible to electric powered equipment taking aggressive experiments with equipment options.
  4. CHOA will be an advocate to help homeowners place solar panels on their roofs.  CHOA will work with CCC to:
  5. publish guidelines for homeowners on what is allowed regarding solar panels
  6. on roofs
  7. on other places on the property
  8. become a resource for educating homeowners on solar power options
  9. become an advocate locally and statewide for solar power options for homeowners
  10. bring homeowners together for group purchasing
  11. CHOA will lead by placing solar panels on CHOA buildings when economically viable.
  12. CHOA will work with CCC, local and state governments on developing green policies for homeowner associations.
  13.           CHOA will consider providing modest subsidies to CHOA homeowners in purchase appliances/HVAC equipment for use with renewable (electric) energy.  (my thinking here is if electric appliances cost more than gas, then consider a subsidy.  If electric is cheaper, no subsidy.  Same with HVAC.  My “modest” number is $50-100 per household per 5 years.  (Board members not eligible.)

Here are two articles regarding landscaping and electric tools.

Barry thanked Bob for his work on this proposal.  Board members expressed concerns about providing subsidies and of the appearance of promoting a political agenda.  Barry asked Bob and Randy to come back to the board with cost estimates for each item except for those that deal with subsidies.

Barry will begin to talk with the CCC president to see if that board or any other  Charbonneau HOA has been discussing similar issues.

Bob wondered if we should have additional board goals and Barry said he would follow up with committee chairs to see what they had to suggest.

Food Trucks

Amelia’s will be in CHOA on Saturday, May 14.  Steve will have the parking area cleaned up and will provide barriers.  Bob volunteered to help with cleanup.  Barry and Steve will take some picnic tables to the area.  Serving will begin at 4:00 PM and Margaritas will be available.

Barry said he’d like to have signs about this put on the mailboxes and he explained that CCC has an agreement with the local postal workers that it is okay to do this.  Alicia volunteered to take signs to every home and the board gratefully accepted her offer.  Sandi will create the signs.

Neighborhood Survey

The survey is ready to go out.  Robin will check with our web master about getting the survey out to homeowners as soon as possible.

Committee Reports

Pools and Bathrooms

Pool A is open and has seen some moderate use.  F & G pool has not been opened due to the cool weather and the fact that pool A has capacity for more swimmers at this time.  F & G will be opened when the weather gets warmer and certainly by Memorial Day.

Rec Hall

Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.

Welcome Committee

Nothing to report.

New Business

Neighborhood Watch

CHOA needs five or six captains for this effort (approximately one for each 40 homes).  We currently have two volunteers.  Alicia volunteered to be the third volunteer.  Our three Neighborhood Watch captains to date are: Norene Quam -Boones Bend

Janet McGarrigle (on the Board)- Winchester and Alicia- Fairway Drive.  Thank you to these individuals.  Anyone interested in joining these volunteers should contact Barry.

Rec Hall C Window

The board decided to have Steve work with a contractor to replace the windows with frosted glass or something similar.

Adjournment: 11:16 AM