Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for May 12, 2021

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for

May 12, 2021

Board Members Present:

Barry Hendrix, Randy Hitz, Sandie Maki, Ken Gregson, Packard Phillips and Karen Siegel

Absent:  Robin Shultz, Janet McGarrigle, Paul Sundstom

Also Present:

Steve Chinn, Property Manager



Call to order at 10:00 AM


April meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report  Attorney fees related to CC&R changes were paid.  We have paid approximately $62,000 for service related to storm damage and some additional expenses are expected.  Some reserves projects may need to be deferred.


There were no guests.


Alarm Systems in CHOA –

Wilsonville Lock and Security thinks we have 104 people using their service but we have confirmed that we have just 65 people using the system.  Barry will continue to negotiate with WLS to pay for only the number of homeowners using their system.

Website Support –

We will switch to the new web site next month.

Villager Articles –

Barry may interview Paul as a new board member and submit an article about him.

Changes to the CCRs

The following motion was presented by the CC&R Committee.

The Committee moves to amend the sections of the CC&Rs related to the painting trust fund and support for home security as recommended by our attorney.

Motion passed unanimously.

The following recommendations were discussed.

  1. The presented language for the proposals and rationales. (Board members were encouraged to suggest edits.)
  2. That ballots be sent on September 15 with a return date of October 15
  3. That the two issues be voted on separately but at the same time.
  4. That we hold information meetings in early September for the membership.

Investment Policy/Financial Advisor

The board is still working on developing a policy related to investing funds.

Emergency Preparedness –

CCC will present at our next meeting to share some recommendations.


Pools –.

There seem to be a lot of people using the pools.  Two pools are already heated to the recommended level.

Rec Hall C

Nothing new.

Landscape –

One house on Boones Bend has been getting irrigation water to their courtyard because the house was a demo unit at the time of purchase.  The board will continue to allow the current owners to use the water but future repairs will need to be paid by the owners.  Any future owners will not get the free irrigation water.

Welcome –

No news.


Golf Course Restroom

The golf course restroom on Boones Bend needs some work done due to the storm damage.  Karen received an estimate of $1500 to do some landscaping.  We have money in reserves to cover the cost.  The board agreed to move forward with the project.

Courtyard and resident issues

The board instructed the property manager to address any issues related to home owner courtyards and residences.

Executive Session

The board went into executive session at 11:21 AM and adjourned out of executive session at 11:37 AM