Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for March 2023

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for March 2023

Call to order at 10:00 AM

Board Members Present:

Sandie Maki, Packard Phillips, Bob Bush, Barry Hendrix, Ken Gregson, Janet McGarrigle, Karen Siegel, Robin Shultz and Randy Hitz


Also Present:

Steve Chinn and Mike Chinn, property managers, and Michele Bell, administrative assistant to the property managers.

Guests: Mary Fieweger and Marilyn Ellwood.

Board meeting started at 10:00 AM


Minutes were approved by consensus.

Barry asked for follow up on action items from the minutes.

  1. Painting contracting.  Steve is working to develop a scope of work and will send out for bids later this year.
  2. Steve reported that he found only eight feeders and most seem not to be used.  He will follow up with residents where the feeders are located to be sure they understand not to use them.
  3. Several board members call the city to report the potholes and some work has been done but some work remains.  Steve urged us to continue to write or call the city to report problems.  Mike reminded us that winter is not a good time to fill potholes due to the rain. Barry asked Robin to put out a post to tell homeowners.

Treasurer’s Report 

We have no Homeowner delinquencies this month.  However, we do have several 60 day past due Homeowners that we are watching and sending reminders out.  We also have many homeowners past due $12 as they are still paying last year’s HOA fees.  Eventually they will all receive letters or reminders.

The balance of Funds at Columbia Bank is $245,037.  Next month we will need to transfer more funds to Edward Jones.

The Balance in our Reserves account is $813,785.03

Sandi reported a scam “bill” that Ann was asked to pay.  Fortunately, Ann and Sandi caught the problem before paying the bill.

Open Forum

Marilan Ellwood was introduced.  She will run for the board and help with emergency preparedness.

Old Business

Annual Meeting Preparation

Notices will be mailed next week.  Sandi is waiting for confirmation regarding board candidates before she sends the notices.

Barry noted that we need name tags.  The room will be set up theater style.  There will be a table up front for the board.  Mary got gift cards donated for new homeowners and she will donate some of those to use as door prizes for the annual meeting.

A question was asked about how much time would be needed.  It appears we could hold the meeting to within one hour.

Draft agenda for April 24 at 7:00 PM

Annual Meeting Draft Agenda

Agenda Item                                                                       Time

Welcome and call to order

Introduction of Board Members                                            5 minutes

Minutes from the 2022 Annual Meeting (Motion to approve)   1

Financial Report                                                                  5

Committee Reports                                                             8

Highlights for the year                                                          10

Election results:  Board members for 2023                            5

Homeowners Open Forum                                                   20

Door prizes                                                                         5


The meeting will take place in the Activity Center.

Ken recommended we draft brief responses to anticipated questions.  Barry and Randy will follow up on this.

Solar Energy update

Bob reported that his solar panels are installed.

Committee Updates

Pools and Bathrooms

We will decide at the next meeting when to open the pools.

Rec Hall

Shelves will be installed in the storage room.


Karen reported the following activities:

  • Cleaning flower beds
  • Pruning
  • The end caps in each of the neighborhood entrances are being updated
  • Entryway to Winchester will be redesigned.
  • Spring flowers are ordered. Number of flowers has been reduced from previous years due to cost.

Ken asked about cutting down the large tree at A pool.  Steve thought it would cost around $5000. It creates a mess in the pool and may be a hazard.  Steve will seek bids to cut down the tree.

Welcome Committee

Janet reported that we had only one new homeowner this month and she will meet with them soon.  All of the welcome information will be moved to the Rec Hall storage room.

New Business

Sandi noted that our “slow down” signs are not holding up.  She suggested we use some signs like those ALTA has.  Steve will look into it.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 AM