Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for January 2023

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for January 2023

Note: Action items are highlighted in red.

Call to order at 10:00 AM

Board Members Present:

Sandie Maki, Packard Phillips, Bob Bush, Barry Hendrix, Robin Shultz, Ken Gregson, Janet McGarrigle and Randy Hitz

Absent: Karen Siegel

Also Present:

Steve Chinn and Mike Chinn, Property Managers

Guests: Joann Linville, Lori DeDobbelaere

Board meeting started at 10:00 AM


Minutes were approved by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report 

Sandie shared the financial report, a list of all CDs at Edward Jones with their interest rates, and a thank you note from Ann Higgins for the gift the board gave her.

She also reported that:

  • There was no Transfer of funds from Operating to Reserves.  We had only $688.83 which was held back for late December Billings coming in January.
  • On December 23, 2022 we transferred $150,000 from Columbia Bank to Edward Jones.  We were over our $250,000 FDIC balance with Columbia.  CD is 4.6% for 9 months.
  • As of yearend there were no delinquent Homeowners fees.
  • According to our last Reserve Study-Our Beginning Balance will be $50,000 higher and our total yearly contribution will be $30,000 higher on the studies estimates.

Open Forum

No discussion took place.

Old Business

Follow-up on Board Goals for 2023

Barry presented the revised goals based on the December board meeting.

2023 CHOA Board Goals:

  1. Finance
    1. Timely and accurate monthly reports- reports provided a day before Board meeting
    2. Fund the Reserve as recommended -annual investment in Reserve by Dec 31st
    3. Balance the Budget- Budget review at end of year
    4. Zero based budget -build up from Zero vs. Roll-over
  2. Pools/ Rec Hall C
    1. Maximize Pool usage -% of days pools available during the Pool season- goal 95%
    2. Maximize Rec Hall C usage- % of days Rec Hall is available to CHOA- goal 95%
  3. Communications
    1. Timely and accurate Posts -Posts in place at least 5 days prior to event
    2. Keep Mail Chimp up to date- Annual review and clean-up of system
    3. Neighborhood survey- Complete as desired
  4. Welcome
    1. New homeowners’ introductions -90% of new homeowners contacted
    2. Community events- Food Trucks, etc.- Hold 5 events annually
  5. Landscaping
    1. Maximize landscaping projects for the greatest benefit- Annual survey
  6. Emergency Prep
    1. Have a Board member take the leadership of this function for CHOA- then set goal
  7. Neighborhood Watch/Public Safety
    1. Have a Board member take the leadership of this function for CHOA- then set goal
  8. Sustainability
    1. Determine focus and start process on items the Board agrees—Agree and set goal

Executive Session

The board entered executive session at 10:12 AM to discuss a legal matter and agreed to have a follow up on the discussion later this year.  The meeting ended at 10:52.

Following the Executive session, the board asked the State Farm attorney to draft a message to go to all CHOA residents regarding the case discussed in the Executive session.  The attorney will also draft a statement for all board members to use in the event they are asked about this matter.

Summer Event

Janet scheduled the summer event for August 5 reserving the Pavilion and Club House from 4:00 to 7:00.  Details regarding the event are to be determined later by the welcoming committee and the board.  A notice about the event will go out soon.

Janet requested to move our party decorations and other items currently stored in the Club House to Rec Hall C.  The board agreed that was a good idea.

Formalize CHOA bid process

Ken moved and Pack seconded a motion to approve the Bid Policy below.

Project work:

When the Board or the Property Manager – acting on the Board’s behalf, decide to initiate a work project expected to require more than $10K, the Property Manager shall follow this procedure as best possible.

  1. The Property Manager shall obtain three bids.
  2. The scope of the project shall be written out by the property manager and approved by the appropriate board members who is responsible for that budget.
  3. Contracts will not necessarily be awarded to the lowest bidder–contracts will be awarded to the best overall value of the bidder as determined by the Property Manager and appropriate board members who has responsibility for that budget.
  4. The requirement for three bids may be waived depending on the circumstances, i.e., whether the work is an emergency, the association has a long-standing relationship with a particular vendor who is especially knowledgeable about the work being bid-out, and/or changing vendors would disrupt existing warranties.
  5. If the project is expected to be over $25K, the three-bids requirements shall not be waived. If an emergency exists, the property manager shall take whatever action is needed to mediate the emergency, report to the board promptly (~1 day after the emergency ends) and then revert back to this policy.
  6. A response of “no-bid” will be considered a bid as part of this process.
  7. Projects under $10K must be approved by the President or a board member responsible for that budget.

The Board will give the Board President/Chair the authority to make decisions on items under $10,000 as long as the President, or Board member responsible for that budget and Property Manager are in agreement with the decision.

The Board has the right to change this Policy as needed with a Majority vote of the Board.

Solar Energy update

Bob reported the following:

  1. Contact Energy Trust of Oregon.  Need to follow up with regard to Community involvement.
  2. Electric rates are projected to go up 7% this year.  This data needs independent confirmation.
  3. Electricity generated by Solar panels is not taxed as income.

Bob has not yet heard back from the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Barry offered to help contact people at ETO.

Committee Updates

Pools and Bathrooms

Nothing to report.

Rec Hall

Nothing to report

Bob asked about the painting projects inside and outside the building.  Steve said they are on the list for this month or next.


Karen provided the following written report.

Garron did a good job cleaning up after the windstorm.  I haven’t met with Ty this month regarding scheduling. I believe they will be evaluating the Smart Controllers over the next couple of months.

Steve noted that Winter pruning and moss control will start this month.  Garron will also begin spraying for cranefly.

Welcome Committee

Only two people responded to Janet’s offer to meet this month.  Mary Fieweger is attending meetings with Janet.

Janet learned that some people are still using birdfeeders.  Board members were urged to tell Steve when they are aware of people using birdfeeders so he can alert them that they are not to have birdfeeders.

Barry suggested we send another reminder to people about CHOA and CCC policies regarding feeding wildlife and explaining why it is important not to feed wildlife, including birds.  Robin will draft a message with assistance from Bob and Steve.

Janet also said people had questions about garden sheds Barry pointed out that the Directory provides specific information about this and makes it clear that sheds are only allowed in courtyards and then only if they cannot be seen from the road or the golf course.

New Business

CCC-HOA meeting on January 13

Barry shared the agenda for the meeting.  He will discuss with CCC what we are doing in CHOA regarding solar energy.

Other topics

Sandy asked about the reserve study this year.  Steve indicated we will be contacted soon about the timeline for conducting the reserve study. 

Barry will draft a message to send out to CHOA residents reminding them that Steve and the board are available to help homeowners when they have bureaucratic difficulties related to home insurance responses to claims.

At our next meeting, Steve is going to report on the ALTA change from Garron to Pacific Landscape.




Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:52.