Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for February 2023

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for February 2023

Call to order at 10:00 AM

Board Members Present:

Sandie Maki, Packard Phillips, Bob Bush, Barry Hendrix, Ken Gregson, Janet McGarrigle, Karen Siegel, and Randy Hitz

Absent: Robin Shultz

Also Present:

Steve Chinn and Mike Chinn, property managers, and Michele Bell, administrative assistant to the property managers.

Guests: Mary Fieweger and Joe Fieweger

Board meeting started at 10:00 AM


Minutes were approved by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report 

Sandie reported that we’re starting the new year and utilities make up most of our current expenses.  The reserve balance is $808,809.69, 80% toward our optimal 100% goal.  Eighty percent is considered very good.

Open Forum

Mary asked about potholes on Fairway Drive. Steve said the city fixes potholes when they are four inches deep.  Steve will call the city (Public Works) about Fairway Drive and he urged residents to do the same.

Mary also noticed a big hole in front of a house on Boones Bend.  Steve will follow up.

Old Business

Follow-up on Board Goals for 2023

Barry reviewed the goals and noted a need to get people to lead numbers 6 and 7.  He asked if members had any other items to address.

2023 CHOA Board Goals:

  1. Finance
    1. Timely and accurate monthly reports- reports provided a day before Board meeting
    2. Fund the Reserve as recommended -annual investment in Reserve by Dec 31st
    3. Balance the Budget- Budget review at end of year
    4. Zero based budget -build up from Zero vs. Roll-over
  2. Pools/ Rec Hall C
    1. Maximize Pool usage -% of days pools available during the Pool season- goal 95%
    2. Maximize Rec Hall C usage- % of days Rec Hall is available to CHOA- goal 95%
  3. Communications
    1. Timely and accurate Posts -Posts in place at least 5 days prior to event
    2. Keep Mail Chimp up to date- Annual review and clean-up of system
    3. Neighborhood survey- Complete as desired
  4. Welcome
    1. New homeowners’ introductions -90% of new homeowners contacted
    2. Community events- Food Trucks, etc.- Hold 5 events annually
  5. Landscaping
    1. Maximize landscaping projects for the greatest benefit- Annual survey
  6. Emergency Prep
    1. Have a Board member take the leadership of this function for CHOA- then set goal
  7. Neighborhood Watch/Public Safety
    1. Have a Board member take the leadership of this function for CHOA- then set goal
  8. Sustainability
    1. Determine focus and start process on items the Board agrees—Agree and set goal



Summer Event

Janet reported that we had to change our original date because a golf tournament was taking place and needed the space.  We are now scheduled for August 12.  Robin has sent out a “save the date” notice to residents.  The event will take place from 4:00 PM to 7: PM.

The board agreed to the following actions:

  • Barry will ask Robin to send out monthly reminders.
  • Barry will check on availability of food carts and inform Janet.
  • Janet will check to see if there is a problem having food carts competing with local restaurants. She will also check to see if construction at the events center will be a problem.

CCC-HOA meeting on January 13

Barry reported on the quarterly CCC meeting he attended for HOA presidents.

Following are some of the topics discussed:

  • Concerns about telephone and internet scams and how to help residents avoid being harmed.
  • Public safety. Though Charbonneau continues to be a relatively safe place but we have some break ins and robberies of late.
  • We have a lobbyist helping us deal with airport expansion and with proposed tolling on I-5. We are looking for ways to get discounts or exemptions from the toll at the bridge on I-5.
  • Around $22,000 has been raised for the Sacagawea statue and we need over $50,000.
  • Changes to Edith Green park can begin after the part is rezoned.

Barry also reported on the Emergency Preparation meeting.  CCC had 35% participation in the Great Shakeout event and CHOA had a 32% participation rate.  Those numbers are lower than the previous year.

Edith Green Park rezone from school to other use to accommodate changes.

Tennis and pickleball courts and roof

Barry also attended the Emergency Preparation meeting.

We got 35% participation on the great shakeout.  Down from 45%.  CHOA went from 47% to 32%.

CCC is putting up cameras in various places such as the Marina, RV parking area to increase security.

Solar Energy update

Bob reported that he is having solar panels placed on his house and he is learning a great deal about the process which can inform CHOA of possible actions, if any, to take to promote solar use.

Committee Updates

Pools and Bathrooms

Steve said that all the extra sanitizing equipment has been installed in the pools and the pool water will be beautiful and safer.

Rec Hall

Nothing to report


Karen reported the following:

  • All winter pruning will be done by March.
  • Moss treatment is almost complete.
  • Fertilizer is being applied.
  • Most components for the smart sprinklers are in.
  • Cranefly treatment has been applied.
  • Mowing will start in a few weeks.

Welcome Committee

Janet is coordinating welcome committee information with the emergency preparation information.

Most renters do not agree to meet with Janet even though they need to know  and follow the rules.

Janet has had trouble getting response from two new residents.  She gives up trying to meet with them after four attempts.

Wildlife feeding

Steve urged us again to notify him if anyone notices someone is feeding wildlife.

Robin will put out another notice emphasizing that birdfeeders are not allowed and reminding people that we are trying to avoid attracting rats, skunks, and other undesirable wildlife.

New Business

Annual Meeting Preparation

Barry presented the following draft agenda for April 24 at 7:00 PM


Annual Meeting Draft Agenda

Welcome and call to order

Introduction of Board Members

Minutes from the 2022 Annual Meeting (Motion to approve)

Financial Report

Committee Reports

Board plans for the year and board goals

Election results:  Board members for 2023

Homeowners Open Forum


The meeting will take place in the Activity Center.

Paint Contract

The board asked Steve to seek bids from a minimum of two vendors for painting A neighborhood.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 12:12 PM