Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for August 11, 2021




Board Members Present:

Barry Hendrix, Sandie Maki, Packard Phillips Robin Shultz, Ken Gregson, Paul Sundstrom, Karen Siegel, and Janet McGarrigle


Randy Hitz and Robin Shultz

Also Present:

Steve Chinn, Property Manager


Mike Tewell

Call to order at 10:00 AM



July meeting minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report 

Storm damage costs have totaled $72,693. We’re waiting to see what will be recommended regarding our reserve budget.



Emergency and Severe Weather Preparedness

Barry thanked members for helping to post notices of the Rec Hall availability for people to get out of the heat.  We are now able to put this information on the web earlier in the day.

Mike Tewell reported that our emergency team contacts all captains about emergencies and they can go door to door to alert and assist residents.  We are looking for more captains who will then use telephone trees to alert people.  This will get information to people more quickly.  The Emergency Preparedness committee is considering the possible use of a siren to alert people too.


Alarm Systems in CHOA –

Barry continues to work with Wilsonville Lock (WL) to keep the list of people using their services current.  We paid $1560 to WL last month which covers the cost for 104 people, more than are actually using the service.  Barry will contact WL to seek adjustments.  We will also automatically remove names of residents who move and leave it to WL to let us know if new residents sign up with them.


Contractors parking their equipment

Janet reported that during the day there have been many contractors taking up parking spaces in her neighborhood.  There are some days when all spaces are taken.  Much of this seems to be due to renovations taking place at one home.  Barry suggested they speak with the general contractor and ask they make adjustments.  Steve found out about the problem only recently and urged board members to let him know right away when such problems arise. This specific matter seems to have been resolved, but the board discussed the possible need for policy changes or ways to handle similar problems.  At this point we will try to handle such matters neighbor to neighbor without formal policy changes.


Regarding overnight parking, Steve found out that the golf course will not allow parking in their maintenance area.  He will find out the cost of having contractors take equipment home each night.


Changes needed to CCRs

This topic was deferred to the next meeting.


Committee Updates

Pools/Bathrooms- Packard and Ken

Pools are in good shape and being used a lot.

Rec Hall C- Packard

Rec Hall C is open for heat relief when the temperature is very high as it is this week.  We may need to close it again as Covid gets worse. The Rec Hall will be open to accommodate people during severe heat and when there are power outages.  Alerts will be posted on the CHOA website

Landscape- – Karen

Due to the high heat, we are not fertilizing and we are raising the blades on mowers.  Karen is ordering fall flowers and will put in more bulbs.  We had a very large water bill last month.  Apparently one senor in particular that measures water usage has not been working properly.  Billing adjustments will be made when correct data is obtained.  Steve said they have already begun to make adjustments.

Welcome- Janet

Janet is having difficulty getting together with many of the new residents moving in.  She invites people to come to her home as soon as they close on a house. Unfortunately, most people wait weeks to meet and by that time they have already done things inconsistent with HOA rules.  She is seeking ideas for getting people to meet with her ASAP after closing on a home.  Barry thanked Janet for her perseverance in meeting with people, especially in this time of Covid.


New Business

Notice of a class to take place

One resident asked if CHOA could post information about a class she if offering for profit.  The board agreed to NOT post information regarding for-profit activities.


Adjournment:  11:45