Annual Meeting Minutes April 25, 2023

Annual meeting notes – April 25, 2023



Board members present:

Packard Phillips, Karen Siegel, Janet McGarrigle, Bob Bush, Sandie Maki, Robin Shultz

Absent:  Randy Kitz, Barry Hendrix

7:00pm – Welcome – Call to order

Introduction of the Board members

Packard Philipps discussed updates on improvements of Rec Hall C

Karen Siegel – Provided update on landscaping.  The following questions were raised by homeowners:  Pooled water on Boone Bend:

  • Steve Chinn stated the irrigation system will be turned on when it dries out.

Judy Tankersley– moved to approve 2022 annual meeting.

Joe Fieweger moved to approve the IRS regulations and Shirley Hoem second the motion.

There was a vote and all said aye to approve the motion.


Bob Bush announced the Results of those nominated for positions on the board:  Elected to the board were:

  • Marilyn Ellwood (absent)
  • Shirley Hoem and
  • Mary Fieweger


Concerns:  When will bark dust be done:

  • Barkdust will be discontinued.
  • It is expensive, $23,000-$24,000. Asked homeowners for feedback.
  • Explained we did have someone from Garron watching as bark dust was blown so it didn’t get everywhere.


Question about cleaning gutters:

  • When do we do it? – Answer: October through January.
  • Can we notify homeowners when they will be on scheduled?
  • Could the board hire extra help so it moves faster? Steve Chinn stated the board needed to discuss this.


Concern:  Potholes and repainting guest parking strips:

  • Steve stated We will have the parking stripes done.
  • Steve Chinn also stated the potholes will be revisited when the weather dries up.


Concerns:  Homeowner stated we need to power wash around the mailboxes as they are dirty.

  • Steve Chinn stated the Board needs to meet to discuss this.


Concern:  Someone asked how often our homes are painted.

  • Answer: we use better-quality paint now so it should last 10 years.


Request:  Homeowners asked to see detailed financial papers showing last year compared to this year so we can see where we may be overspending and also where we spent our budget.


8:00pm – Mike Cox moved that the meeting be adjourned. Motion passed.