April 14, 2021

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for

April 14, 2021



Board Members Present:

Barry Hendrix, Randy Hitz, Sandie Maki, Ken Gregson, Packard Phillips, Paul Sundstom, and Janet McGarrigle

Absent: Karen Siegel, Robin Shultz

Also Present:

Steve Chinn, Property Manager


Mike Tewell, new chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, Laura Noffke and Karen Frey

Call to order at 10:00 AM

Minutes from March meeting were approved.


Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Total Storm Damage Clean-up so far is $49,026.  At end of year we can transfer the Money from Bark dusting to off set this, and we are not repairing F/G pool till next year.


The Range HOA paid $3200 for 8 people towards using our pools this summer.  We will not deposit the checks until May 1st.  Sandi wants to make sure we will be opening the pools



Questions were raised about deck furniture.  See “New Business”


New Board Members –

Paul Sundstom was introduced as a candidate for board membership.

The board voted unanimously to accept him on the board.


Alarm Systems in CHOA –

At this point we’re paying Wilsonville Lock for 80 people but we know of only 59 that are using this service.  Steve will contact the remaining 20 people who are possible users of the system to verify their status.

Website Support –


Barry reported that the new website is up and running.  We think it will be more user friendly.


Villager Articles –

Barry is seeking ideas for future articles.

Annual Meeting

We have 81 ballots back so far.

Barry went over the April 26 agenda.


Changes to the CCRs

Randy, Barry and Steve met after the last board meeting to discuss changes in the CC&Rs related to the paint trust fund and home security requirement.

Our attorney will give us a bid on what it will take to address the CC&Rs.  She will likely have a paralegal do the work in order save us money.  We should have a bid by next week.  The board should be able to vote on proposed changes at the May or June meeting.  If the board agrees on changes they will decide how best to approach the full membership for a vote.


Investment Policy/Financial Advisor

We have around $100,000 we could invest.  We need to reduce our amount in the bank in order to stay within the FDIC insurance limit.  The committee will come back with a recommendation in May.


Emergency Preparedness –

The propane-powered electric generator is capable of running everything in Rec Hall C, even the pools.  We have extra propane on hand.  We are prepared for the next power outage.



Pools –.

Ken moved to open one pool by May 1.  Sandi seconded.  Since this is an early opening it will require more money than originally budgeted.  Motion passed 5 to 2.


Rec Hall C

Due to Covid we still have no plans to open the Hall.


Landscape –

We recently fertilized all the turf and did moss treatments in the neighborhoods.  The putting green has been aerated and sanded and we have new flags on the poles.  We’ve refreshed the end caps at Sacajawea with new plantings. The F&G pool patio area is being redone with new plantings as well.  We won’t bring in the hanging baskets for the pools until just before Mother’s Day as Karen wants to be sure we have our drip systems working properly.  The ice storm damaged some plants at the end cap at French Prairie and Boones Bend and we are looking into replacing those that won’t come back from the damage.  We will be putting in the spring flowers in the next few weeks.  Karen is hoping to save as many of the bulbs as possible so they will come back next year.  We did this last year and Karen thinks the daffodils and tulips were beautiful this spring.  The board agrees!

Welcome –

Janet said she has a new member coming to visit her today.  She will send another letter to other new members in May to see if they want to get together with her.  With the weather changing she can again meet with people outside.

Janet drafted a welcome letter and Ann Higgins is including that with the mail she sends out to new members.  The couple meeting with Janet today responded to that letter.




Covering deck furniture in winter

Some people complained that some decks were unsightly due to the way deck furniture was covered.  Barry suggested we send out a reminder to members to cover their furniture appropriately.  He will do that next Fall.  Ken suggested we talk with violators individually.  Steve will follow up with that.



Ken wanted to know how we could notify members of opening a pool early.  Barry will draft a message to send out.