March 10, 2021

Charbonneau Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes for

March 10, 2021

Board Members Present:

Barry Hendrix, Randy Hitz, Karen Siegel, Sandie Maki, Ken Gregson, Packard Phillips, and Janet McGarrigle

Absent: Robin Shultz

Also Present:

Steve Chinn, Property Manager


Mike Tewell, new chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, and Laura Noffke

Call to order at 6:00 PM

Minutes from February meeting were accepted.

 Treasurer’s Report was accepted.  Improvement of Pool C was a bit more expensive than we expected.  Work continues on cleaning up after the ice storm.  Steve thinks we have about three more days of work by the arborists, cutting the large branches that are dangerous.  The total bill for cleanup may be around $50,000.  We will cover this out of reserves.  There will be no special assessment.


Laura asked about who is responsible for certain trees in her area and Steve explained how the trees would be taken care of.


Alarm Systems in CHOA – We are now paying around $1300/month instead of $3000/month.  We have 59 residents who we know use the Wilsonville lock system.  Twenty other households are unknown and Ken suggested we try to contact them.  He will send names to board members to see if they know any of these people and can contact them.  He will develop a script for board members to use.

Website Support –

Barry and Robin have been working with our new web master.  They are trying to make the website more user friendly and will have something for the board to preview at the April meeting.

Potential New Board Members –

We still need a new board member.  Barry asked board members to help find someone.

Villager Articles – The board discussed a few ideas.  We missed the April deadline and may try to get something in for the May edition.

Food Carts in CHOA –

The last food cart did not get a very good response.  The board decided to wait until June to decide whether or not to invite another food cart in.

Emergency Preparedness –

Mike reported that we can hook up a propane powered electric generator to Rec Hall C and it will run most things.  He would like to test the system and Steve will help him do that.

The ice storm made clear that we have some communication problems.  We need a power generator in the main clubhouse so communications can be continued from there in an emergency.

The Country Club is going to buy some yellow vests for emergency preparedness people so they are easily identified.


Pools –.

We will wait to see if and when we can use the pools.  We will discuss this further at the April meeting when we know more about the status of Covid restrictions.

Landscape –

Mowing has started again.  They are doing moss treatments and some weed killing.  Karen will be working on spring flowers soon, including hanging flowers for the pools.  Karen suggested we write a thank you to members who have been helping with storm cleanup.  Barry will draft a letter.

We talked about not purchasing bark dust and not refurbishing two pools this year in order to save money.  Karen and Packard will come to the April meeting with a motion to deal with this.

Welcome –

Janet has not met with anyone in the last four weeks.  She will try to meet with three new households and a couple left over from last year with whom she was not able to schedule a time.


Annual Meeting

We will have the annual meeting via Zoom. The meeting will take place on April 26.  Barry shared a tentative agenda with the board.  Robin and Parkard need to be re-elected.  Sandie will work with Ann to put together a packet of materials to send to homeowners by April 1.  They will need to return ballots within two weeks.

Changes needed to the CC&Rs

Steve shared information he gained from an attorney about changing CC&Rs.

Randy will work with Steve and Barry to prepare a proposal for the board to consider at the April meeting.