CHOA Annual Meeting to be virtual again this year

Dear Homeowner:                                                                          

The CHOA Board of Directors decided to conduct the 2022 Annual meeting virtual this year as there was still uncertainly with Covid and the rules around large gatherings when we planned this meeting, plus the fact that the Clubhouse is in the process of moving some activities to the new Activity Center and some of our normal spaces may be unavailable during this transition.  We look forward to having next year’s Annual Meeting in person!

We will be mailing you a package with the following along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope:

  1. 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes.
  2. 2021 Yearend Financial Statement.
  3. Ballot for 3 items that require your vote:
    • Board of Director- 3 candidates
    • Approval of 2021 Annual Minutes
    • Approval of Annual IRS Resolution

In addition, you will find a notice that says CHOA is in compliance with Oregon House Bill (HB) 2534.  This is a legal requirement that we need to affirm compliance.

Please note that you will need to return your Ballots by Friday, April 22nd.

As you know, 2021 was a very challenging year for CHOA and Charbonneau as a whole.  We had Covid, Ice Storms and Excessive Heat to contend with.  Due to Covid, all our Board meeting were held virtually.  Despite these challenges, we able to get work done to continue make CHOA a place we all enjoy.  We accomplished the following:

  1. Revised the Bylaws to more align with the rest of Charbonneau
  2. Striped and marked all Visitor Parking areas
  3. Hosted Food Trucks in CHOA
  4. Upgraded Rec Hall C with a Generator and Wireless Internet
  5. Upgraded plantings by Red 5/6 restrooms
  6. Kept the Pools open the longest time in the recent past

We thank you for your continued support.  Please note that we are always looking for Volunteers to help keep CHOA the great place to live.  Please let me know if you interested in these opportunities. 



Barry Hendrix

President – CHOA Board of Directors or 503-754-0322

3 Responses to “CHOA Annual Meeting to be virtual again this year”

  1. Nancy Stephenson

    Thank you Barry, for all the things that you have accomplished. It shows, and makes our environment even more pleasant. These last two years have been a challenge, but you’ve made a lot of progress in spite of it.
    Cheers, Nancy Stephenson

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